Hair Restoration

Vampire Hair Growth™   |   Consultation

Utilizes the Vampire™ methods, we can help you reclaim a younger, more beautiful look with fuller, thicker hair for men or women who are suffering from hair loss. We also provide a comprehensive hair regrowth package. We utilize the protein rich plasma (PRP) from you blood, inject into the scalp, stimulating new cells under the skin and aids in hair regrowth. The Vampire Hair Restoration(R) procedures uses the power of your own blood to slow down hair loss and help grow hair with a thicker diameter.

Glytone Ducray Hair Restoration    |   $196

Revitalized, stronger, and thicker hair in 3 easy steps. Ducray’s triple acting formula includes a 3 month supply of these:

  • Glytone Anaphase Stimulating Shampoo: A gentle cleansing formula used to strengthen and nourish weak, thinning hair.
  • Glytone Neoptide Anti-Hair Loss: Features enriching complex of vitamin B3, amino acids, and active botanicals to revitalize hair to make it fuller and reduce the appearance of hair loss.
  • Glytone Anacaps Dietary Supplement for Hair and Nails: Special formula gives the hair bulb and nail matrix the essential nutrients needed to maintain strength and vitality.