Discover Dermaplaning at Beautique Medical Anti-Aging

What are the Benefits of Dermaplaning

Do you suffer from acne scars? Are you sick of dealing with rough and bumpy facial skin that doesn’t seem to respond to any treatments? Have you tried other providers, but have been let down by the final result?

If you find yourself nodding along to the above questions, then it’s time to discover dermaplaning, a new technique designed to remove dead skin cells, revealing youthful, blemish-free skin.

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a non-invasive procedure that is performed by our Registered Nurses and Medical Estheticians. During the treatment, the provider uses a tool to gently remove the top layer of the skin, thus revealing the younger-looking skin that’s been hiding beneath dead skin cells. This highly effective exfoliation technique usually takes approx 30-45 minutes, with most clients requiring a monthly visit to maintain results. This treatment can safely be added on to a facial or a peel to enhance exfoliation and significantly increases the absorption of our recommended pharmaceutical grade skin care products

Dermaplaning should only be used on the face to treat the following problems:

  • Excess facial hair
  • Rough, uneven skin texture
  • Acne scars
  • Dull skin
  • Wrinkles

Dermaplaning is also a popular choice for mature clients, who may not see rapid cellular turnover. This procedure can help facilitate faster turnover, leading to a youthful, age-defying glow.

Why Clients Love Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is a popular physical exfoliation technique that can pinpoint skin problems more precisely than with a general microdermabrasion or chemical peel.

Dermaplaning is often used as a simple approach to comprehensive complexion problems. If you suffer from excessive facial hair, wrinkles, and dull skin, dermaplaning can target all of these problems in an easy and convenient procedure.